Monday, January 19, 2009


I spent the last three days accidentally giving myself a chemical burn by mistaking handsoap for lotion. Now my face is fat, red, and wrinkled. It looks like I've been chain smoking and doing meth in Cancun. 

Other than that, I spent the weekend in Massachusetts being trapped in snow. Went to Providence, RISD seems eerily quaint. It almost looks quieter than Sarasota. 

The studio here in NYC has been good. Fairly settled in, done a number of drawings, working on one large drawing, and drew a couple of things on the wall. One being a chair

I'll post drawings soon


Monica said...

I am close to Jesus, he has made me whole again in mind, body and soul and this had been an ongoing process. I started changing my life for the better several years ago. But even when I was pretty crazy I was still a Very Loving And True Friend to YOU no matter what horrible stuff I wad going through. What I want to know is how can you be so cold-hearted as to stop being friends with a friend that loved you with a great love? It is like you're not human but a Jenny Robot with no emotions for other people, but hey you have your art to keep you company right like that precious journal you lost that you loved so, but no love for me that loved you so much that I went to all your art shows, birthdays, and me and Mom even helped you get your portfolio made for school, she is so upset and hurt by you as well by the way. What you've done has hurt me SOOO much and probably will forever but I have to forgive you, it is hard though.

Monica said...

I don't think you even think of me or even care though. Were you just USING ME FOR SOMEONE TO HANG OUT WITH CUZ NICEVILLE BORED YOU?!